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 Pre-requisites:  Coordinator Permissions


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Sharing Resources

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Bureau Coordinators

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Coordinator User Access

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Sharing Resources Across Bureaus

In some cases, REAs are loaned across bureaus to fulfill a position request outside of the bureau they were initially assigned.  To allow the Coordinator, from the requesting bureau, access to utilize the REA for the position, they must first display in the new bureau’s Resource Pool.  In order to make the REA available for the loaned bureau, Coordinators in the initial bureau must first update the REAs profile within the READY system.


Updating an REA's Profile

To make the profile update, Coordinators must first navigate to the REAs profile on the Edit REA Profile page.  When the REAs profile is displayed, navigate to the Departmental Assignments – Diplomatic Details section at the bottom of the User Profile tab.  Within that section, click the Loaned Bureau dropdown menu and select the bureau you would like to loan the REA to.  Next, enter the Loan Expiration Date.  If you would like to make the loan permanent, click the Make Loan Permanent checkbox.  To clear the loan details, click the Remove Loaned Bureau button.  When all details are entered, click the Transfer Profile button at the bottom of the page.  At this time, the user profile will be transferred to the new bureau and will display in the new bureau's Resource Pool for assignment.



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