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 Pre-requisites:  You need the appropriate configuration permissions to create workflows.  The workflow must also be created prior to adding task groups or tasks.


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Task is an assignment or process that an Employee or Service Provider would need to accomplish within the workflow.

NOTE:  Before adding single tasks you must create a task group. 

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Creating A Task

Navigate to Administration by clicking the wrench and screwdriver icon.  On the left menu, under Workflows Configuration, select Workflows.  



From the Manage Workflows page, search for your workflow and click the Edit icon.


Under Getting Started with a New Workflow, select Task Group.  In the next window, provide a Display Label (the name of the task group), set the Permissions, and click Save.



There are four tabs users can configure for each task group:


Permissions Tab

NOTE:  The permissions being set refer to who can edit the task group. The permissions are not about who will work with the task later.

In this example, the St. Petersburg IRM and GSO groups are set to View/Edit the task group on the single tasks.



Dependencies Tab

There are four different Dependency options.  Dependencies determine if one task needs to be completed before another.


Dependency on Task Completion:

This dependency is set if you need another task to be accomplished prior to starting this task particular group.

Dependency on Yes or No Questions:

This is set if  yes or no needs to be answered prior to starting this task group.  

Dependency on Data Collection:

This dependency requires a collection of data from the user prior to beginning the task group.

Dependency on Assignment Field Values:

If the employee has an Assignment Field Value entered the employee can then work with this Task Group.

Criteria Tab

Select Task applies to everyone if there are not specific criteria needed to complete the Task Group.  Select Task applies to those that meet the following criteria if this task is to be complete based upon criteria that is set for this task group.


To set a task with criteria, click Add Filter, select the CategoryCriteria, and Value.

Milestones Tab

A milestone is a simple visual indicator if a workflow or task is accomplished.  NOTE:  The milestone must be created prior to adding it to the task group.  Click the drop-down menu to see the pre-defined milestone options.


After all tab settings are complete, click the Save button in the upper right corner of the page.


Now that the task group is created, you can add as many tasks as needed for this workflow.

Adding a Task - Options

In your new Task Group, the following three buttons will be listed as task options in the bottom of the field:

  • Task - To be used for a single task
  • Task Group - To be used for a task group (NOTE:  A Task Group can be added inside another Task Group)
  • Fillable Form - To be used for a Fillable Form task group



To add a Task click Task and a drop-down menu will open with a list of Task types will appear.  As an example, select Checklist Task from the drop-down.


On the new screen, enter the Display Label (name of the task), to whom the task is Assigned and provide Task Instructions for the user.  NOTE:  Yellow fields are mandatory. 


The questions for the checklist must be entered in the bottom section of the screen.  You can add as many questions as needed.  Questions may be marked as optional.  If a question isn't needed, it can deleted using the Delete button on the right side.



There are four tabs users can configure for each task group:

Permissions Tab

The Permissions Tab indicates who is able to work with this task.  NOTE:  The fields in gray are inherited from the assignment field in the first part of the screen.

In the image below, the Employee has View/Edit permissions.  This means, that the Employee will be able to complete the checklist information, however, s/he is not able to change the task itself.

The Service Provider groups inherited the permissions from the Task Group.  In the image below, they are able to see and work with the information the Employee provided.  With this permission, Service Providers can also to add or edit information entered by the Employee.

Permissions may also be set for All Remaining Service Provider groups.Picture140.png

Finally, Permissions can be assign to the Supervisor of the Employee, if needed.  By default this permission is set to None.

If a task should be available for a Sponsor, you can add the Sponsor group from the drop-drown menu.

Dependencies Tab

Here, the same four Dependency options are available as with the Task Group. 

Criteria Tab

The same options for Criteria are available as with the Task Group.

Milestones Tab

The same options for Milestones are available as with the Task Group.  NOTE:  A milestone may only be used one time. 

Notifications Tab

Notifications for this task only may be configured here.  There are two Notification options:

  • Status Notification  
    • Ready to Begin
    • Task Completed
  • Deadline Notification
    • Deadline Approaching
    • Deadline Passed

Once configured, theses notifications will appear in the top navigation bar.  The number next to the bell indicates how many new notifications you have.

Supporting Files Tab

Upload a file to be downloaded with this task here.  


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