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 Pre-requisites:  You need Post Administrator permissions to create a workflow.  As a good practice make sure that you have your workflow Category setup prior to the creation of a workflow.


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A Workflow is a container for a list of tasks (See How to Add Tasks for more information).  For instance a workflow could be created if a user has a need to complete a particular form.  The workflow could include instructions on how to complete the form and include Service Providers, Employees, and Supervisors with assigned tasks inside the workflow. 

Users can create as many Workflows as needed in ATLAS Workflows.


Creating a Workflow

NOTE:  If a new or special category is not yet defined, a new Workflow Category must created PRIOR to creating the new workflow.



Navigate to Administration by clicking the wrench and screwdriver icon.  On the left menu, under Workflows Configuration, select Workflows.  



In the new window, under Actions, select New Workflow.


Complete the mandatory yellow fields. 

  1. In the Create New Draft in section, select New Workflow.
  2. Provide a name for the workflow.
  3. Set Create Draft From to Blank Draft.
  4. Provide a Description for the workflow.
  5. Select a Workflow Category from the drop down.
  6. Click Add.


Workflow Permissions

Different permissions are required, depending on the type of user.  Both an Employee and a Service Provider can assign a workflow.  The permissions define who is able to work with that workflow. 

Employees and Supervisors

If an Employee should be able to assign the workflow to themselves, change the permission for the Employee from None to Assign.  Follow the same steps for Supervisors.


Service Providers

Which Service Provider group should work with this workflow?  Is a Service Provider group needed?  If so you can add individual groups and assign their permissions as NoneAssign, or Manage.  Then, click Update.



Remember, you can always come back and change the settings of your workflow later.  Just navigate to workflows (like shown a the first screenshot) search for your workflow and click on the Edit icon.


Now that your workflow is created, you can start adding tasks.  

Who Can Assign a Workflow?

Depending on permissions, Employees, Supervisors, or Service Providers can assign workflows.  A workflow can get assigned multiple times to the same user if needed.


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