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Navigating the Reports Dashboard
Generating a Report

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With Reporting, ATLAS Workflows allows Post Admins the ability to collect a lot of Data.


Navigating the Reports Dashboard

Click on the Reporting Icon to view the Reports Dashboard.

Reporting Icon.png

The two main areas to note are the Reports Dashboard and the Reports Task Bar, and both of them do the same thing.

Scroll up or down in either area to choose what kind of Report you would like to make, and then click on either the Create Button in the Dashboard, or the Report Category in the taskbar to write a Report.

The Reports Dashboard.png


Generating a Report

First, make sure to fill out the dropdown fields at the top half of the screen.  These will either narrow down or expand the amount of data that you end up collecting.

Second, select from the bulleted lists at the bottom half of the screen. Some only allow one selection, while others will allow multiple selections.  In the end, these will help to sort the selected data from the first step, as well as add more or less detail about each piece of data.

New Report.png


Once you have finished, click the Create button, and you are done!  NOTE:  Created Reports will delete themselves after you leave the page.  If you want to save a report, navigate to the top of the Created Reports menu and click on Excel to export your report.

Report Settings.png



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