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What Are Forms?

Forms are fillable documents that one user can request another user to fill out and complete.  NOTE:  Forms can't be created in ATLAS Workflows, but they can be edited.

In order to create a form, a user will have to make a form outside of ATLAS Workflows on a Google Doc, Word File, or other documenting software. Once created, the form can be exported as a PDF and imported into ATLAS Workflows. Forms are an integral part of ATLAS Workflows, and it's important to know how they work.


"Creating" a New Form

First, login to ATLAS Workflows.  Once you've authenticated using your credentials, click on the Administration tab at the top right corner of your screen. NOTE:  You may not have access to this tab if your admin have not granted you the necessary permissions.

Workflows Tabs.png


Next, navigate to the Forms category under the Workflow Configuration section of the task bar on the left side of your screen.  Click on Forms in order to access the Forms dashboard.

Admin Task Bar - Forms.png


In the Forms dashboard, you should see a description of Managing Forms at the top of your screen.  Read carefully if you have any questions about workflows.  Otherwise, navigate to the middle of your screen.  You should see two Actions from which to choose:  New Form and Import Form.  Click on New Form.

Manage Forms - Actions.png


From here there are a couple of fields that need to be filled out. 

  1. Click on Form Name and enter a name.
  2. Click on Form Description and provide a description.
  3. Make sure that Type of Document is set to Import PDF File.
  4. After all of that is done, click Choose File...

Create New Post Form.png


  1. Find the desired Form from your Device Files.
  2. Click on the Form.
  3. Select Open.

Forms Library.png


Once done, navigate to the bottom right corner of the Create New Post Form menu and click Add.


Mapping Form Fields

Now that you've uploaded a form, navigate back to the Administration tab, find the form you just uploaded, and click on the Edit icon.

The Edit Icon.png


Welcome to the Edit Form menu. Here, scroll down and click Add. This is how you add Form Fields, which are blank text boxes that a user can type in.

Edit Form - Add.png


Navigating a Form Field

This is a Form Field. Here, you can see the current settings, as well as the options to Edit, Copy, Move, Resize, or Delete the form. Click on Edit.

Form Field.png


This takes you to Edit Form Field Properties, the place where most of your Form Field customization happens. There are a lot of fields that you can fill out, and each of them serve a different purpose. That said, none of them are required, and as such only the most important fields are listed below.

  • Selected Mapping allows you to choose what kind of information will be put into this form field. 
  • Field Name allows you to type in the name of your field.
  • Type allows you to choose what kind of text the Form Field will accept, whether it be letters, numbers, or a date.
  • Transformation allows you to format the user's responses to a particular style depending on your preferences.
  • Default Value and Sample Data both give you room to insert an example of what kind of data the user should be inserting.

Edit Form Field Properties.png


You can create as many form fields as you like, and drag them wherever you like. Once finished, navigate over to Form Actions and click Save.


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