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Approving Post Requests

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Approving Post Requests

In the Coordinator role, you have the responsibility of receiving and approving requests to get them to the assignment step in the workflow. 

When a Post Requester submits a position request for an REA at their post, all bureau coordinators that have been added to the CC line of the Position Requested automated email receives an email notification that a position has been requested for the bureau.  Simultaneously, the request displays on the Coordinator dashboard in the Pending status.



Pending Actions 

When a request enters the Pending status a Coordinator can choose to Approve, Deny, or Send the Request Back to the requester for additional information.  If approved, the request moves into the Approved status and will wait for assignment by a coordinator. At this time, the requester receives an email notification that their request has been approved.  If denied, the request will drop off the dashboard and the requester will receive an email notification that their request has been denied. 

The final option is to send a request back to the requester for additional information. This takes place when a request is submitted and the coordinator requires additional information prior to approving the request.  When the request enters the Additional Details status, the requester receives an email notification that the request requires additional details and the request is sent back to the requester to add additional details and resubmit the request for approval.




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