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  • Navigating to My Workflows
  • View Workflows Assigned
  • Assign a Workflow to Me
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  • Employees
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My Workflows displays a list of workflows assigned to a user. For every workflow assigned, the user will be able to immediately see when it was assigned, the status and the number of tasks assigned.

Navigating to My Workflows

On My Dashboard on the left navigation pane, Go to My Work and select My Workflows.



View Workflows Assigned

To view the workflow in detail, Click on My Workflows from the left navigation pane. In My Workflows page, select the workflow from the list and click on the View button.


Note: A workflow can be assigned multiple times to a user.


Assign A Workflow To Me

The employee has the capability to Assign Workflow to himself or herself. From the My Workflows page, click on the Assign Workflow button. When the ‘Assign Workflow’ modal pops up, click on the Workflows dropdown to see all the available workflows for the user. Select the workflow and click on the Assign button.



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