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When an employee logs in to ATLAS Workflows, he/she will be directed to the homepage which displays the main dashboard which provides an overview of his assignments, tasks and other information. The employee is provided a selection of menus focused on managing tasks, workflows, and personal information.

Navigating to My Work

 To access My Work, go to the left navigation pane of ATLAS Workflows.


The Menus

1. Dashboard

By default, The dashboard which provides an overview of employee's assignment details, forms, assigned workflows and tasks. 

For service providers, the dashboard will also display a summary of employee counts that are pending action. 

2. Assignment Details

This is where the employee's assignment and personal information can be viewed or edited.  

3. Assigned Tasks

Displays a list of tasks assigned to an employee.

4. My Workflows

Displays a list of workflows assigned to an employee.

5. My Forms Hub

Displays a list of forms assigned to an employee. 

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