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Pre-requisites: User must be registered to ATLAS Workflows.
Topics Covered
  • How to Delegated A User
Target Users
  • Employees
  • Service Providers
  • Organization Administrators
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Delegated users are users that have access to the employee's ATLAS Workflows account. He or she may view and manage the employee's profile, tasks and workflows on his behalf. To go to the Delegated Users page, click on the Employee's name on the upper right side of the page and click on the Delegated Users link.


How to Add A Delegated User

To add a delegated user, the employee may click on the Add Household Member Account or Add Employee Account button


  1. Add Household Member Account

    From the Household Members list, click on the Add Delegate Account link.  mceclip0.png

    From the Add Delegate Account popup window, enter the Delegate Account Email and click the Submit button. 

  2. Add Employee Account

    Use the Search criteria to search for a specific employee and click on Refine Search button. From the list, click on the Select button.



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