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Notification Preferences allows you to manage how notifications will be handled when using the ATLAS Workflows. The page displays a list of notifications events, which user or user group receives the notification, category, and the type of notification (Email or System).

You may customize the notifications you would want to receive by clicking on the mceclip10.png icon and then the Edit Preferences link on the Notifications dropdown.



You will then be redirected to the Notifications Preference page. This page is divided into two blocks. The Managing Notification Preferences and the Notifications


The Managing Notification Preferences explains the types of notifications in the ATLAS Workflows: System and Email notifications. A System Notification occurs within the ATLAS Workflows application and are displayed in the main menu . This also explains how you would want to receive those notifications:


1. mceclip0.png- You will receive the notification and will be alerted

2. mceclip5.png - You will receive the notification but will not be alerted

3. mceclip6.png - You will not receive the notification

4. mceclip8.png - This has been disabled by the system and you cannot modify this


The Notifications block displays all the notification events, the target user (Service provider or employee), the category, and configuration for System or Email Notification.




Click on the mceclip13.png  icon to display the description of the Notification Events.


Changing Your Notification Settings

  1. From the Notifications block in the NOTIFICATIONS PREFERENCES page, select the notification event
  2. From the System Notification or Email Notification column, click on Enabled, Silent or Disabled


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