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Assignment fields can be set to allow users to add data across employee’s post assignments, which are not already part of the system data and not needed globally. The assignment fields can get configured at the following levels: 

  •  Post: The field exists at post level only
  •  Mission: The field exists at mission level and posts under this mission
  •  System: The field exists globally and can be used at all missions and posts

Assignment Field Types

There are two types of Assignment fields:

  •  Text: Written information
  •  Select: This is a drop-down list

Creating A Text Option Assignment Field

Go to the Administration menu >Org Configuration >Assignment Fields.



In the new window, click Add New Assignment Field.


On this page, select the Type as Text, enter the Name of the Assignment Field and add the DescriptionYou may also set the permissions on who can view, edit, or have no permissions for the Assignment Field.

Click the Save button.

Creating a Select Option Assignment Field

On this page, select the Type as Select, enter the Name of the Assignment Field and add the Description.  Under Data Source, select your preference.  Choose the permissions and click Save.

Editing and Viewing the Assignment Field

In the Manage Assignment Fields section, select either the Edit or Delete delete button.



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