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Category Summary
Appeal The number of days for an appeal were incorrected calculated started on the date initiated
Probationary Period Do not allow employee to see a probationary period 'not recommended for continued employment' until finalized
Probationary Period Default the radio button to 'recommend for continued employement' for all probationary periods
AWP Probationary period cannot be certified before the AWP is endorsed
RCA Add ability for HR to enter lump sum values when employees opt for lump sum
RCA Add ability for HR to update the base salary in RCA and apply the calculated reward to this new value (in the case the employee is promoted after the end of the performance period)
AWP USAID exempt UJE re-appeared after the employee was updated
RCA Pool Approver no longer sees other pools on Verify Output screen
Employee Profile Validations added to employee profile warnings
RCA Download of files on the final outputs page was timing out
PIP PIP extension comment should appear on JF-50B only after HR review approves.
RCA RCA - refined code for the breadcrumb links in the Menu
RCA Fixed RCA:CGFS sorting for Flat View
RCA RCA approver role now able to approve Tier 2 and Tier 3 levels in RCA
PIP Add HR Approval for PIP when finalized unsuccessfully
RCA Pool Approver Cannot Download Calculations from Calculation tab
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