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There are two fields within the AWP that both result in comments in Section 8, Performance Notes and MYD Comments. These two fields have different purposes and will be recorded in different ways.

MYD Comments

Per policy, Mid-Year Discussions are mandatory for any review that results in a scored EPR or any review that is at least 120 days. The comments for the MYD must be recorded in Section 8 of the JF-50D. In GoMBC, there is a specific field to record comments, labeled MYD Comments. After comments are entered and the Endorse button is selected, the comments will immediately appear in the JF-50D and be visible to the employee in both the Status History and the JF-50D.


Performance Notes

As an additional tool for raters to track performance throughout the year, there is an option field for Performance Notes. Please use this field to track anything that is pertinent to the employee's performance or may be useful when completing the EPR at the end of the year. This field can be modified until the Start EPR button is selected. The content will be placed in section 8 of the JF-50D, but the employee will not see these notes until the EPR is released to them after all approvals, which is also when they will see their score for the first time.


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