Performing Actions with the Employee Acknowledgement Role (EAR) Follow

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  • Introduction
  • Step 1: Rating Supervisor Endorses the Document
  • Step 2: Rating Supervisor Prints Document
  • Step 3: Employee Physically Signs the Form
  • Step 4: Rating Supervisor Attaches the Signed Document in GoMBC
  • Step 5: Rating Supervisor Acknowledges the Document On Behalf of the Employee
    Target Users
  • Supervisors with the EAR


When an LE Staff employee does not have access to an official Government account, a supervisor can be assigned the employee acknowledgement role to facilitate the processing of MBC documentation within GoMBC. Performance documents should be printed and physically signed by employees, then the supervisor will 1) upload the signed document into GoMBC, 2) On behalf of the LE Staff employee, record their acknowledgment in GoMBC for the task corresponding to the signed hard copy, and 3) submit the signed hard copy to HR for placement into the LE Staff’s Employee Performance File (EPF).   

Each employee can have a maximum of one EAR (supervisor) assigned for them at a time. The EAR assignment can be changed during the rating cycle.  A supervisor can have an EAR for multiple employees. HR staff will setup the EAR for the supervisors.

The general rating supervisor process for employees with the EAR is as follows. Please remember that for the end-of-performance period rating process, step 2 should only take place after all supervisors and HR have approved the document.   

  1. Rating supervisor endorses the document.
  2. Rating supervisor prints the form
  3. Rating supervisor asks employee to physically sign the document
  4. Rating supervisor uploads the signed document and provides the original to HR
  5. Rating supervisor, using the Acknowledgement Role menu, signs in as the employee and acknowledges

Step 1: Rating Supervisor Endorses the document

The rating supervisor establishes or updates the AWP, indicates the MYD was held, or releases the EPR to the employee.

Select the appropriate button (for example, the Endorse button below). If indicating the MYD was held, comments must be entered.


Step 2: Rating Supervisor Prints the Document

If establishing/updating the AWP or indicating that the MYD was held, the rating supervisor can print the document immediately after step 1. If endorsing the rating, the rating supervisor should only print the document after all supervisors and HR have approved the document and it has been returned to the rating supervisor for release to the employee.

To print the document, first select the View JF-50D form button at the top of the document.


Then, select the Print button.


Step 3: Employee Physically Signs the Form

Outside of the application, the rating supervisor will ask the employee to physically sign the appropriate section (section 3 for AWP acknowledgement, section 4 for MYD acknowledgement, and section 6 for end of performance period acknowledgement). The rating supervisor will then scan the document. The rating supervisor will need to save this scanned document and also give the original to HR for filing in the employee’s EPF. (Do not save the document on a public or shared drive!)

Step 4: Rating Supervisor Attaches the Signed Document in GoMBC

The rating supervisor will add the signed document to the performance record in GoMBC by following the steps below.

  1. Open the review in GoMBC, scroll down to the Attachments section, then select Add New Filemceclip3.png
  2. Select the document type (Signed AWP, Signed MYD, Signed EPR, or Other), find the file that you scanned in step 3, and select Save.mceclip4.png

Step 5: Rating Supervisor Acknowledges the Document On Behalf of the Employee

Using the Employee Acknowledgment role, the rating supervisor will acknowledge the document on behalf of the employee by completing the following steps:

  1. Select the ‘Acknowledgment Role’ menu item from the left hand menumceclip5.png
  2. Select the ‘Act on Behalf of Employee Acknowledgement Role’ to sign in as the employee. If you do not have this icon and you have a red icon in the form area, please contact your HR office as your role has not been fully setup.mceclip6.png
  3. Select ‘My Current Documents’ from the left hand menu or the ‘My Reviews’ Dashboard itemmceclip7.png
  4. Select the Edit icon for the document you would like to acknowledgemceclip8.png
  5. Scroll down to the acknowledgement button and select the button. The acknowledgement will be clearly marked with ‘on behalf of’ in the Status History and on all documentation (Ex. JF-50D printouts).


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