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 Pre-requisites:  Updates must be completed before the review period closes.


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Updating the AWP
Recording Performance Notes

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Rating Supervisor

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Updating the AWP

You can make changes to the AWP in a defined time frame before the end of the review period closes. Speak to your local HR if you have questions.

Locate your employee's Annual Work Plan by selecting Current Documents or My Employees from the main menu. The Action you want is View AWP.

From here you can add or remove Performance Criteria and adjust percentage weightings. 

The employee will receive an email when changes are made to the AWP and will be asked to review the AWP again. 

Recording Performance Notes

At any point throughout the year, Performance Notes can be recorded and saved to document anything that is pertinent to the employee’s performance or may be useful when completing the EPR at the end of the rating cycle. This field can be modified until the Start EPR button is selected, after the MYD has taken place. The content will be placed in section 8 of the JF-50D, but will not be visible to the employee until the EPR is released to them after all approvals, which is also when they will see their score for the first time. 


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