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Pre-requisites: Role as Rating, Reviewing, or Pool Supervisor 
    Topics Covered
  • Locating Employees
  • Supervisor Actions
    Target Users
  • Rating Supervisor
  • Reviewing Supervisor
  • Pool Supervisor
    Required Permissions
  • N/A

Locating Your Employees

Get a list of the people you support from the My Employees menu option or the EMPLOYEES section of your dashboard. This area shows all the employees you're assigned to as a Rating Supervisor, Reviewing Supervisor, or Pool Supervisor.

It lists each employee's name, grade, pool, position and section. You'll see your own assigned supervisor roles and the employee's Total Performance Score (when it's available). 

The Actions you can take here depend on your role and the status of each document.



Supervisor Actions

View AWP directs you to the employee's current Annual Work Plan. Once the plan becomes an Employee Performance Report, this action updates to View EPR.

Employee's Current Documents shows all reports, appeals or PIPs for the employee. From this view, select Back to return to the list.

Initiate Annual Work Plan creates a new AWP for your employee.

History is an archive of all documents previously completed for the employee.

Initiate Performance Improvement Plan opens a new PIP for the employee ready for you to fill out.



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