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Understanding Roles

GoMBC uses roles to help people carry out tasks appropriate to their job. The role you hold in the app provides access to documents and actions corresponding to your role in the MBC process.


All LE staff hold this role. It provides them with access to their Employee Performance Report (EPR) (including the Annual Work Plan [AWP]), and any pending Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) or Appeals.

Rating Supervisor

This is usually the employee's immediate supervisor. The Rating Supervisor creates the Annual Work Plan, the Development Plan, documents the Mid-Year Discussion, and completes the Employee Performance Report.

Reviewing Supervisor

The Reviewing Supervisor reviews each scored EPR completed by the Rating Supervisor. They may also review AWPs, PIPs, and Appeals as needed.

Pool Supervisor

The Pool Supervisor is a senior-ranking USDH accountable for a performance pool. They are the guardian of fairness and consistency. They make sure performance scores and written justifications on employee EPRs are consistent with performance for all employees in their performance pool.

Mission/Post HR Administrator and Mission/Post HR Manager

The Human Resources Officer (HRO) and HR staff administer the GoMBC application. They manage employee records and help supervisors complete performance documentation. HR approves and finalizes documents within GoMBC and provides training and consultation.


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