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Stages of the Rating Cycle



Before we look at how to use GoMBC throughout the rating cycle, let's review the main activities of the cycle itself.

  • Define Performance Criteria at the start of the cycle by creating an Annual Work Plan
  • Reflect on and document performance during the cycle with a Mid-Year Discussion
  • Evaluate performance at the end of the cycle by completing the Employee Performance Report.

After all EPRs are completed, HR staff will calculate and notify all eligible employees of their annual MBC monetary reward.

Defining Performance

When the rating cycle begins, you and your employee create an Annual Work Plan (AWP) and a Development Plan to set out the plan for the year ahead.

Performance Criteria

These are the critical areas of performance your employee will be measured on during the rating cycle. The Annual Work Plan (AWP) defines performance criteria as:

  • Continuing Responsibilities (mandatory)
  • Specific Objectives (optional)
  • Competencies (optional)
  • Universal Job Elements (mandatory)

You will create 6—20 performance criteria and decide the importance of each for the performance period ahead. You should hold a discussion with your employee about these criteria at the start of the rating cycle.

Development Plan

You and your employee will schedule some activities to help the employee grow in a specific professional area. Activities are recorded in the Development Plan


Reflecting on Performance

Mid-way through the performance period (of either an interim or annual EPR), you will hold a formal discussion with your employee to see how things are going. Use this Mid-Year Discussion to get feedback on progress toward their Performance Criteria, make any adjustments, and talk about their accomplishments and challenges.

Evaluating Performance

At the end of the rating cycle, you will look at how well the employee has achieved the defined goals of the set Performance Criteria. When you first collaborated on the AWP, these criteria were balanced out, applying a percentage weight (5—20%) to each.

Now you need to add a rating level (0—3) to each criterion based on performance. GoMBC automatically calculates the Total Performance Score (TPS) by multiplying each rating level by the percentage figure to get the performance criterion score. Then, adding all performance criterion scores to reach the TPS.  


Performance Management Policy

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