Update AWP/EPR Status and Dates Follow

Pre-requisites: Must have Mission, Post Administrator, or Manager role
    Topics Covered
  • Introduction
  • Change Review
    Target Users
  • HR Admins (Mission/Post Administrator/Manager)
    Required Permissions
  • N/A


The HR Admin (Mission/Post Administrator/Manager roles) can change the status and dates of an AWP/EPR at any time. Statuses can be changed to any previous or future status.

Change Review

1.Select Manage Documents from the Organization Admin menu, then select the Change Review icon.

2.Update the data: To change the status, select any status from the drop down, then Save Status. To change the dates, the review period must first be changed to interim and an interim reason provided. Dates can be changed to any period within the Mission performance year. Dates for annual reviews cannot be edited.



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