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When an termination action is processed in OPS, a notification will be sent to GoMBC. The employee will not automatically be deleted from GoMBC in case they are eligible for an MBC reward, but will be placed in a queue for archival. The Mission must select Manage Employees from the Organization Admin menu, then View Employees in Archival and take appropriate action as shown below.


Archive Employee

If the employee has departed and all AWPs/EPRs have been closed out (or statuses updated to final), the Archive button mceclip1.png should be selected. This will remove the employee from the active Employee list and the Employees for Archival list and place them in the Archived Employees list. The associated historical documents for the employee can still be viewed in Manage Documents.

Remove from 'For Archival'

If the employee was incorrectly marked for archival, the HR admin can remove the for archival flag by selecting the Remove from 'for archival' button mceclip2.png. The employee will remain in the active Employee list, but be removed from the Employees for Archival list. 

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