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 Pre-requisites:  GoMBC HR Admin Training


Topics Covered
Step 1:  Assign Employee Acknowledgement Role
Step 2:  Educate the Employee and Supervisor
Step 3:  Upload the Acknowledgement Form

Target Users
HR Admin

Required Permissions
HR Admin




When an LE Staff employee does not have access to an official Government account, a supervisor can be assigned the employee acknowledgement role to facilitate the processing of MBC documentation within GoMBC. Performance documents should be printed and physically signed by employees, then the supervisor will 1) upload the signed document into GoMBC, 2) record the LE Staff’s signature in GoMBC for the task corresponding to the signed hard copy received and uploaded, and 3) submit the signed hard copy to HR for placement into the LE Staff’s EPF. 

Each employee can have a maximum of one EAR (supervisor) assigned for them at a time. The EAR assignment can be changed during the rating cycle.  A supervisor can have an EAR for multiple employees.  

Post HR will take the following actions to set up the employee acknowledgment role. 

  1. Assign the employee acknowledgement role
  2. Educate employee and supervisor on their roles and responsibilities when using the EAR function
  3. Upload the acknowledgement form with the employee’s signature and place the signed hard copy into the employee’s EPF

Once these actions are taken, the supervisor can perform all actions within GoMBC on behalf of the employee. Any actions taken by the supervisor will be clearly marked with ‘on behalf of’ in the system and on all documentation (Ex. JF-50D printouts).  HR should make sure the signed EAR form is on file BEFORE the supervisor takes any action on behalf of the employee. 

Step 1: Assign Employee Acknowledgement Role

In the left navigation pane, select Manage Employees from the Organization Admin menu. If the employee’s username field is blank, the Assign Employee Acknowledgement Role action button will appear allowing you to choose which supervisor will serve in the employee acknowledgement role.

In the Assign Employee Acknowledgement Role page, set the date range. The start date is mandatory, but the end date is optional. If the end date is left blank, the employee acknowledgment role will continue indefinitely. To select the supervisor that will serve in the employee acknowledgement role, search in the Employee with acknowledgement role field.

Step 2: Educate the Employee and Supervisor

Outside of the application, the HR staff will work with the employee and supervisor to explain the process and their roles and responsibilities. 

Step 3: Upload the Acknowledgement Form

To upload the signed acknowledgement form to allow for the employee acknowledgement role, select Manage Employee Acknowledgement Role from the Organization Admin menu. In the Employee Acknowledgement Roles page, select the Preview form button to preview the template, download the template form, and upload the form with the employee’s signature. From here, you can also view the uploaded form by selecting the ‘Download Template’ button. Uploading a new file will overwrite the existing EAR acknowledgement form. The signed hard copy should be placed into the employee’s EPF.

From the Manage Employee Acknowledgement Role page, there are also two additional actions:

blobid3.pngAssign Employee Acknowledgement Role – lets you change the details, including the role holder and dates

blobid4.png Stop Employee Acknowledgement Role deactivates the role. The supervisor will no longer be able to take actions on behalf of the employee



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