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Closing out AWP/EPR

There are times when a Rating, Reviewing, or Pool Supervisor will leave during the rating period.  If the Reviewing Supervisor or Pool Supervisor departs, HR can update the reviewing/pool supervisor without completing an interim review. All the open reviews will transfer to the new Reviewing and Pool Supervisor.

If a rating supervisor departs, an interim review is required if they served as the rater for 120 days or more. If the Rating Supervisor departs less than 120 days after the rating cycle begins and has already initiated an AWP/EPR, HR can take steps to close out the AWP/EPR. This can only happen after the employee has acknowledged the AWP. 

Step 1: Open the AWP

HR should Sign In on Behalf of the Rating Supervisor, and open the AWP or EPR.  Click on the Supervised Reviews dashboard icon or select Current Documents from the Supervisor Menu. Then, click on the AWP or EPR icon for the selected employee.

Step 2: Change the Review Period to Interim

Click the Review Period dropdown menu and change from Annual to Interim. If the Review Period already has Interim selected, no action is required in this step.

Step 3: Enter Interim Report Reason

Click on the text box under the Interim Report Reason and type in the reason an interim AWP is being created. In this case, the Rating Supervisor has departed Post before the rating cycle ends. 

Step 4: Change Review Period Date Range

The Review Period Date Range must match the actual rating dates. To adjust the dates, first select the start date then select the end date. Once completed, click Save.

Step 5: Select Close Out AWP

Scroll to the Mid-Year Discussion and Certification section. In the text box, you can optionally enter comments that are visible to the employee and appear in section 8 of the JF-50D. Select the Close Out AWP button. If this button does not display, verify the document status is 'AWP Acknowledged' and that the interim dates are correctly indicating less than 120 days. 

Step 6:  Finalize the AWP/EPR once the document is in the HR worklist. 

From the HR Worklist, select the Edit icon in the employee document under the Reviews section.

Step 7:  Change the Status to Finalized.

In the Edit Status Section, use the dropdown menu and select Finalized. Then click Save Status. The document status will now appear as Finalized. 

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