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 Pre-requisites:  AWP acknowledged by LE staff. EPR covers at least 120 days.


Topics Covered
Mid-Year Discussion
Updating the AWP
Adding New Objectives
Certifying the AWP

Target Users
Rating Supervisor

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Mid-Year Discussion

Closer to the middle of the rating period, you will schedule a discussion with your employee to talk about their performance toward the Performance Criteria set out in the Annual Work Plan (AWP).

The Mid-Year Discussion (MYD) helps you both comment on performance so far and make sure the criteria set out in the AWP are still appropriate. If adjustments are needed, this is the time to discuss and update the document. Per policy, all rated EPRs, or all EPRs covering at least 120 days, require a MYD.

Updating the AWP

From the main menu, select My Employees to see a list of everyone you support, or Current Documents for a list of all pending documents.

Find the employee or document you would like to work with and select View AWP.


This brings up the employee's Annual Work Plan. Use this to frame your conversation, providing feedback on their performance across all performance criteria.

You won't record any performance rating scores yet, but if needed you can adjust the description or weighting of each Performance Criterion.

Adding New Objectives

Select Add Performance Criterion to create any further items, adding a title, description and weighting for each.


This is also a good time to review the employee's Development Plan, adding new activities to help them meet their goals. Select Add Development Activity and then enter a title for the development area, a description of the recommended activity, and dates of when the activity should happen.



At any point throughout the year, Performance Notes can be recorded and saved to document anything that is pertinent to the employee’s performance or may be useful when completing the EPR at the end of the rating cycle. This field can be modified until the Start EPR button is selected, after the MYD has taken place. The content will be placed in section 8 of the JF-50D, but will not be visible to the employee until the EPR is released to them after all approvals, which is also when they will see their score for the first time. 


Certifying the Mid-Year Discussion

Following your conversation and any changes to the AWP, it's time to certify the document. You still need to do this even if the AWP remains unchanged.

You must add comments to summarize your mid-year discussion and select Endorse. This updates the Status History to record that the discussion happened. GoMBC then notifies your employee to Acknowledge the discussion and any changes to the AWP. If you need to acknowledge on your employee’s behalf, follow the instructions in Acknowledge on behalf of the employee


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