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Release Notes v1.5.0

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Housing Pool

  • Added RPA ID, OBO Number, custom numbers, and custom fields.  
  • Columns on the housing pool page can now be shown or hidden.  
  • Custom fields were added to Advanced Search.  
  • Fixed reset button in Advance Search.  
  • GPS coordinates for a residence can now be overridden.  
  • Improved error messages for housing pool imports that fail.  

Settings and Configuration

  • OBO numbers or custom numbers can be used instead of RPA IDs.  
  • Fixed bug with USD being added as an exchange rate.  
  • Users will have access to see Schools and Housing Pool if they are local administrators.  
  • Added school management.  
  • Custom events can now be deleted from process templates.  


  • Users can update the status of occupants in bulk on the All Occupants, Incoming Occupants, and Ongoing Occupants pages.  
  • Recommendations can now be saved for later or submitted immediately.
  • Recommendations that were saved for later can be sent to the housing board in bulk on a separate page.  
  • When directly assigning someone, residences will show when they are scheduled to become available.  
  • Changed “Grade” to “Position Grade.”  
  • Each employee’s questionnaire is visible to the housing team at any point after submission.  
  • TQ assignments can now be deleted.  
  • Fixed updating TQ dates bug.  
  • Fixed bug that resulted in tandems being broken up when edited.  

Housing Questionnaire

  • Fixed bug with sending questionnaires.  
  • Fixed bug where sections marked hidden were still showing on the questionnaire.  
  • Fixed email notification bug.  
  • Text boxes can now be added as preferences.  
  • Pets and vehicles can now be shown or hidden individually.  
  • Schools can now be selected from a dropdown list.  
  • Medical disclaimer has been added to all questionnaires.  
  • Added attachments to the questionnaire.  Each employee will be able to download the attachments when filling out their questionnaire.  

Resident Portal

  • Content on the resident portal can now be managed in local settings.  
  • Customs fields can be made visible in the resident portal.  
  • Issue with uploading and saving attachments has been fixed.  
  • Residents can upload documents to their profile in the Resident Portal before being assigned housing.  


  • A help tool has been added which you can use to find all types of information related to Atlas Housing configuration. For example, you may need information about “How to Add Occupants.” When users type the word “occupants” an article will show up with more details and images in Zendesk.  
  • Non system administrators will no longer see the “Quick Menu.”  
  • Fixed bugs related to attachments.  


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