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Topics Covered
Direct Approval or YES/NO Voting
Assigned Temporary Quarters List
Inspection Location Values
Release Notes Notices

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All Users

Required Permissions
Local Admin
System Admin
Housing Board Member
Housing Board Organizer 

ATLAS Housing Release Notes v1.10.0


Assignment by Direct Approval or Voting Process

  • Housing Board Organizer's can now arrange a process for Direct Approval or YES/NO Voting for the Housing Board Members.
    • Direct Approval:  During a Housing Board meeting, there may be times when proposed housing assignments are clear "matches."   In this instance, board members can do a show of hands and the Housing Board Organizer will enter the assignment into ATLAS Housing as a Direct Approval.
    • YES/NO Voting:  After recommendations have been made, the Housing Board Member(s) will conduct Voting.  Each Housing Board Member is only responsible for his/her individual vote, after submitting his/her vote no further action is required.


Occupants:  Assigned Temporary Quarters List 

  • Now includes the List of Occupants with Name, Position Title, Agency, TQ Location, Move-in/Move-out Date, and Status. 
  • Occupant's name is hyperlinked to his/her profile. 
  • Reports can be created with exportable excel feature.

Assigned Temp Quarters.png


Inspection Portal:  Location Values Added to Inspections 

  • Location Values:  Kitchen, Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, Pantry, Exterior, and Patio have been added to Inspections. 



Process Configuration:  Reopen a Make-Ready



Release Notes Notices 

  • Upon entering ATLAS Housing, a Release Notes Notice will appear if a new feature or bug has been created/fixed or to notify users about and change in the system.
  • Users must click Mark as Read for the notice to disappear.  Without selecting Mark as Read, the notice will appear each time you login or until ADG System Admin publish a new release notice.

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