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Topics Covered
Housing Board Non-Voting Member
Various Email Notifications 

Target Users
  All Users 

Required Permissions
Local Admin
  Housing Board Organizer 
  Housing Board Member 
  Housing Board Non-Voting Member 
  Questionnaire Manager 
  Occupant Manager 
  Process Manager 
  Incoming Occupants 



ATLAS Housing Release Notes 1.10.2

New Features

Email Notifications

This release includes various email notifications for ATLAS Housing to reflect actions, tasks or triggers per assigned roles and permissions within the application. Please see the Related Articles section linked below for these updates. 

Ownership Type 

  • Imported RPA data may contain Ownership type C - Construction in progress for the residence. 

Housing Board Non-Voting Member

  • Employee's who are on the Housing Board that do not participate in the assignment processes: Voting and Direct Approval have the ability to view when the processes are in progress and recommendations that are made.
  • Housing Board Non-Voting Members cannot interact or make any action: Approve, Deny, Vote or view the Voting Results. 

Make-Ready Template 

  • The Make-Ready template now expands to 26 Weeks / 182 days. 


  • Ability to add Other Location in the residence inspections. 

Outgoing Occupant 

  • Local Admin's may change the outgoing occupant in the residences Make-Ready. 

Excel Report 

  • The Housing Pool excel report allows the ability to add customized fields. 

Bug Fixes 


  • Adding a school duplication issue resolved.

Assigned Tasks

  • My Assigned Tasks search box format issue resolved. 


  • Adding a tandem issue resolved. 

IAHB Member

  • Adding IAHB member issue resolved. 



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