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ATLAS Housing Release Notes v1.10.1

New Features 

Updating OKTA 

  • A local admin can now update OKTA email addresses for service providers as required. 


My Assigned Tasks 

  • Users have the ability to view his/her assigned tasks in an exportable format.
  • A user can also filter tasks by status:  Not Started, In-Progress, Completed, On Hold, Not Applicable, and  Skipped.


Resident Portal 

  • Residence Portal now allows users to view multiple Residences and Temporary Quarters. 

Adding a Vacant Occupation 

  • This function allows Local Admins to make a residence available for assignment or recommendation.

  • The system will automatically generate a Vacant occupation if the Make-Ready is initiated without an Incoming assignment.

Editing the Residence Name

  • In this release you can now edit the residence name. 

Resetting the Commissioning Process

  • To reset the commissioning process, select In Commissioning, then click on the residence and click the Reset button


Resetting the Decommissioning Process 

  • To reset the decommissioning process, select In Decommissioning, then select the residence, and click the Reset button.



Bug Fixes 

Editing a Task 

  • Updating/editing a task bug resolved. 


Importing Occupants 

  • Importing occupants bug resolved. 


Reopening a Make-Ready

  • Reopening a Make-Ready that was marked complete by mistake has been resolved. 


Residence Overview 

  • The Temporary Quarters count issue has been resolved.


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