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  • Assign Individual Role
  • Assign Organizational Role
Target Users
  • HR Staff
Required Permissions
  • Mission/Post Manager/Admin



The types of roles that you can assign are based on your role. Mission/Post Managers can assign individual roles (employee and supervisor) to anyone in their organization. Mission/Post Admins can assign individual and organizational roles (Mission/Post Manager, Appeal Reviewer, RCA roles) to everyone in their organization. 

You can access the Assign Roles page by either selecting Manage Employees from the Organization Admin menu, then selecting the 'Roles' icon



Or by selecting Assign Roles from the Organization Admin menu


Assigning Individual Roles

As a Mission/Post Manager/Administrator, you will be able to assign individual roles. To assign a role, simply select the check mark. To deselect a role, deselect the check mark. Don't forget to save your changes!


Assigning Organization Roles

Only Mission/Post Administrators can assign organizational roles. Mission Administrators can assign Mission Manager, Appeal Reviewer, Post Admin, Post Manager, and RCA roles. Post Administrators can assign the Post Manager role only.

To assign or un-assign an organization role, first select the role you would like to assign/un-assign to the employee and select 'Edit'.


Next, add the role by selecting the checkbox for your mission or remove the role by deselecting the checkbox. Don't forget to save your changes! 


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