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Release Notes 20221111

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Overseas Award System Release Notes 20221111


Category Description
Form of Recognition Corrected bug: After changing nomination from cash to time off, approved amount was showing as USD
HR - Nomination Review On the Pending HR Review, only active cycles now appear for cycle assignment
HR - Cycle Updates Added PopUp Message when editing JCAC chair member in a cycle if the JCAC voting window is open to warn that it will effect all nominations pending JCAC action
Form The OAS version of the JF-66 now contains sections for action by Area Awards Committee and Department Awards Committee
HR - Send to OPS Corrected bug: Assign effective date was not locked to first Sunday of pay period
Form - External Approval Corrected bug: Form was incorrectly showing disapproved by JCAC and EXEC when in External approval status
Finance Sign Off Allow for FMO to return a nomination back to Financial Analysts for editing
HR - Pending USDH Approval From HR Area -> Pending USDH Approval, the USDH name was changed to a hyper link and sends an email reminder when clicked
Form Added Date to Customer Service Award form print out
HR - Pending Review From HR Area -> Pending Review -> Open a nomination from the list - Navigation added to Next/Previous nomination


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