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Release Notes 20231027

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Overseas Award System Release Notes

  • On the Ceremony Assignment screen, when a nomination is assigned to a ceremony, it is now removed from the Unassigned queue. 
  • Filters were added to the Ceremony and Cycle screens to allow HR to easily find a ceremony or cycle to edit.
  • When a new USDH was created and assigned as a supervisor, any pending nominations for their employees were not updated to the new supervisor. This has been corrected. 
  • On the All Awards report, a new section field was added. In addition, the Excel export now contains Employee ID and position title. The Excel export also lists only the employee's supervisor in the Approving USDH Supervisor field instead of all supervisors on the nomination.

  • Nominations were incorrectly routed to completed for external approvals with 0 cash value. 
  • The position title was not saved on the USDH profile when retrieving a profile from Okta.

  • Proxies were unable to sign in as the assigned employee.

  • When a USDH returned a nomination for rewrite, they were still able to Approve or Reject the nomination for the employee.

  • From Assign Proxy Special, if a proxy is assigned for a given user, it will be displayed. Previously, you could only assign proxies from this screen, but could not view existing proxies.


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