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Release Notes 20230405

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Overseas Award System Release Notes 20230405


  • The Print icon was added from My History, allowing nominees to print their completed or disapproved nomination forms. 

  • The Exclude from Send to OPS button was added when the nomination was opened from the Send to OPS queue. 

  • Justification view was not wrapping to the next line for the JCAC in all nominations and JCAC members had to scroll right to view details has now been fixed.
  • The button for the EXEC officer Overwrite of a rejected award was modified.  It now reads 'Override & Approve' as shown below.

  • When selected, a popup is given for the EXEC to modify the type, form, and/or amount. The EXEC should make changes and select 'Update.'

  • They must then select 'Apply Changes' for the changes to take effect and for their approval to be recorded. The nomination will now be routed to finance.

Fiscal Strip Changes

  • When creating fiscal data, the Operating Allowance field now allows a maximum of 7 characters. 
  • Previously, the application added an 'NA' to the fiscal strip if a field was left blank.  The 'NA' has now been removed.  If no information is included for a given field, it will be left blank in the fiscal strip.
  • The Organization Code field has been added to the fiscal data entry window and to the Finance Report.  

Changes to Reports

  • Corrected status filter on the All Awards Report.  This filter was previously not filtering the report.
  • The All Awards and Finance reports were modified to add three new columns: Post, Section, and Employee Type.  The All Awards report was also modified to list one nominee per row instead of one nomination per row. 
  • The JCAC Chair Report, available from JCAC Area -> Sign Off -> Export to Excel, now contains a list of JCAC names for each vote status. 

Bug Fixes

  • In certain situations, when the FMO signed off on nominations, the nomination was also signed off by EXEC. 
  • The fiscal strip was not displayed correctly on the JF-66 Form. 
  • When an External Rejection was recorded, the JF-66 showed disapprovals at the post level.  This was corrected to show disapproval only at the bureau level. 
  • Nomination did not show in 'Send to OPS' when a ceremony was assigned. 
  • In certain situations, the FMO did not have Nomination in FMO SignOff queue.
  • Position title was not added when adding a new employee by querying Okta.  In addition, if a title existed for an employee, it was not displayed when editing an employee record.
  • Nomination was incorrectly changed to status 'Complete' when overridden by EXEC.
  • Ceremony Assignment:  Nominations that have been assigned to a ceremony appear in Unassigned.
  • Error was incorrectly displayed when fiscal analyst entered fiscal data, then Saves & Submits.
  • When the EXEC changed an approved cash nomination, the finance steps were bypassed and the nomination was moved to complete.
  • When viewing a ceremony from Ceremony Assignment, not all nominations appeared.


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