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DS-66 Nomination Form

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Overseas Award System Release Notes 20240514

DS-66 Nomination Form

All Annual Awards will now use the official DS-66 Nomination Award form. Whenever there is a printer icon to view an Annual Award, the nomination will open in the new format. This change was implemented to align with the awards policy which mandates specific awards to be submitted using the DS-66. Since this form is automated, there are some slight differences. ADG will continue to make improvements on this form while in production.

Removed 70 Character Limitation When Entering Fiscal Data

Initially when OAS was developed there was a limitation to the length of the fiscal strip entered into the application. The Financial Analysts were only able to enter a maximum of 70 characters into the fiscal data input area. Once the 70 character limitation was reached, the nomination was not allowed to move from the Pending Financial Information to FMO Sign off. This limitation has now been lifted and the Financial Analysts can enter the complete fiscal data without a character limitation for the fiscal strip. Any fields within the fiscal data collection text boxes which had a limitation for a particular field are still in place. Now when FMC uses the Financial Report for the awards payment cable, all of the fiscal data should be accurate and the need to refine the fiscal data which was off due to length is eliminated.

OAS Will Allow Duplicate Names for USDH Accounts

Each user is only permitted to have one employee profile within OAS which includes an official email. Duplicate names were not permitted in OAS to prevent users from having multiple profiles. ADG now permits USDH profiles to exist with the same name, to allow for users who have the same name as other employees to have an account as long as each account has a different email. Users are still permitted to only have one employee profile. ADG recommends to add the USDH employee's middle initial or middle name to help differentiate the user.

Now Permissible to Assign Mission Level Roles to USDH in Multiple Missions

Now OAS can accommodate requests for Mission Roles to be assigned to USDH from a different Mission. In the past, ADG had to assist with assigning these roles to help posts who offshore some of their awards processing. At this time only USDH roles can be regional, LE staff are still limited to roles only within their own Mission. The process to assign Mission Roles for users from another Mission is exactly the same as assigning Mission Roles for users at your Mission. You simply type their name in the corresponding role you would like to assign.

Manage Employees Report

Post HR now has a new report available from Manage Employees, so Post HR will have all the information for their employees in OAS. This report will include the employee ID (this is system generated ID used in OAS), Employee Name Email, Employment Type (LE or USDH), Post Name, Agency, SEction USDH Supervisor and LE Staff Supervisor (if applicable). 



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