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Overseas Award System Release Notes

  • Certificates are now fully editable!  With this release, certificates can be generated in Word version.  Missions can now change formatting, orientation, and edit text.  From the Certificates report, select the nomination(s) for which you would like to generate certificates. In the popup, you will see the option Generate Word Document.
    Generate word cert.jpg
    Word versions of certificates can also be generated from the HR Area, Completed Nominations queue.  First open the nomination, then select Generate Certificate. The popup above will appear.

  • Routing after the EXEC officer makes changes to a nomination has been reworked.  If fiscal data has not been entered or the FMO has not signed off, the nomination will remain with the appropriate financial staff.  If the FMO has signed off and the EXEC officer makes a change, the nomination will be re-routed to the FMO for their approval.  

  • When a JCAC member is added to a cycle, the application will now add a recusal vote for the new member if there is a nomination pending JCAC voting and the new JCAC member is a nominee.

  • Nomination Form Bug Fixes:
    • The Approved by field was incorrectly displaying the nominator instead of the USDH Supervisor.
    • Names of removed or disapproved nominees were incorrectly displayed.

  • From the Send to OPS queue, when opening a nomination, the following buttons were not functioning:
    • Return to HR - No action was completed when this button was selected
    • Send to OPS - When selected, an incorrect message was displayed stating that an effective date was required (effective date was applied)

  • An internal logging message was added when a nomination is Excluded from Send to OPS to assist in troubleshooting.

  • The release number is now visible in the top bar of the application. 

For additional help, please contact ISC at Post or ADG Support by selecting the ‘Submit a request’ button at the top of the page or by emailing adg-support@state.gov.
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