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Release Notes 20231006

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Overseas Award System Release Notes

JCAC Voting Member and Chair Changes

  • Performance Improvements have been made throughout the application, including improvements to loading times on all screens. 

  • When changes are made by the JCAC chair, the nomination is no longer rerouted to the JCAC for re-vote. This allows for changing of USD/time-off amounts after the number of approved nominations is determined. Per policy, the JCAC members should still sign off on approved amounts, but this will allow for in-person voting on amounts and not require back-and-forth for multiple nominations within the application. 

    The JCAC chair will still select the Change button:

    Next, they will change the various items and select Update:

    The message below will display, alerting the JCAC chair that the JCAC should have approved the changes that will be applied.

    Finally, the JCAC chair will select Apply Changes.
  • The JCAC filter by vote bug was corrected. This filter was previously not working.  JCAC members will now be able to filter by all statuses. Particularly useful is the Not Yet Voted status, so JCAC members can quickly see nominations for which they have not voted.

  • From JCAC voting, the cycle drop-down is now limited to current cycles that the logged-in JCAC member has access to.

Nomination Form Modifications

  • Updates to the annual nomination form:
    • The Payroll ID and Grade columns on the annual nomination form were combined for improved readability. 

    • The JCAC Chair signature will now show on behalf of if another user took the approval action on behalf of the chair. 

  • Rejected nominees were incorrectly displayed on Anytime award forms. Only approved nominees will now appear. 

Enhancements to Reports

  • Changes to the Finance Report:
    • A Completed Status was added to the status filter options
    • The effective date was added to the report and to the filter options.

  • All Awards Report was modified to include a nominee status column to identify if the nominee was disapproved, approved, or is pending approval. 

  • The Ceremony script was modified to use Calibri font per Department standards. 

Additional Enhancements

  • HR can now reinstate nominees that were mistakenly removed when a nomination is in HR Pending Review status. Previously, the nomination had to be returned to the nominee and resubmitted through USDH Supervisors. Reinstatement of a nominee only applies to nominees removed by HR and is not available for nominees disapproved by a USDH Supervisor. 

  • Corrected a bug that sent an email to newly assigned USDH Supervisors on nominations that were not pending USDH Supervisor Approval. These emails stated an action was required for the newly assigned USDH Supervisor when no action was needed. 

  • Changed auto-save logic to leave the nomination form open instead of closing the form. This applies to nominations in Draft, Pending Rewrite, Pending USDH Approval, and Pending Rewrite statuses. 

  • Local Staff Supervisors now have access to the Supervisee Ongoing queue and can view nominations and statuses of any nomination for their employees.

  • Additional security constraints were applied.

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