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Overseas Award System Release Notes 20230607

Several small bug fix releases were deployed over the last few weeks.  The summary is included below:

  • An email is now sent to the nominator when HR removes a nominee from a group award. A sample email is shown below.

  • Finance staff (Financial Analysts and Financial Officers) now have access to the Finance Report in the Reports Area. 
  • The Operating Allowance field, which is entered by financial staff when applying the fiscal strip, has been increased to 15 characters.
  • Issues with certificate printing have been resolved.  The team is currently working on providing Word versions of the certificates so they can be edited. 
  • The Post Short Name is now limited to six characters.  This field is accessed by selecting Post Profile from the Mission Admin Area and editing a given post.  When a short name greater than 6 digits existed, the application was not able to assign Nomination IDs to nominations and this resulted in nomination processing issues. 

  • Previously, an error was given when attempting to open a deleted nomination from the All Awards report.  This has been corrected. 
  • When EXEC changed any values on a nomination and a fiscal strip was not entered, an error was given.  This validation has been removed as fiscal data is not mandatory at this state.
  • A history record is now added to the nomination record when HR changes the award type or reasons for the awards.
  • If a nomination was assigned to a ceremony, it was not appearing in Send to OPSCompletedExternal Approval, or My History.  This has been corrected. 

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