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Release Notes 20230203

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Overseas Award System Release Notes 20230203

Form Changes

  • Mission Time Off and Customer Service Forms:
    1. Block 7 and 8 titled to refer to supervisor
    2. Blocks 11-14 now include approved amount, approving officials, and budget officer (for customer service award)  
  • Grade and Fiscal strip are now displayed on all forms.  
  • On all forms, the Payroll ID will now be displayed for LE Staff in the Employee ID field

Nomination Processing

  • Corrected bug that prevented nomination with disapproved nominee from moving past FMO.  
  • Automatically recuse and hide nomination from JCAC voting member if s/he is nominated.  Also, no email notification will be sent to the recused JCAC member.  
  • The citation is no longer mandatory, except for IMAP Customer Service and Mission Time Off nominations.  
  • In the HR Area, send to OPS; Added a third button: 'Exclude from Send to OPS.'  This can be used if, for example, there is an individual award with a departed nominee (OPS does not process personnel actions for departed employees) or anytime a nomination is being submitted (the mass update group process may not make sense in this scenario).   
  • Allow for role assignment for Financial Officers located in other Missions.  
  • Not all cycles appeared in drop down for All Awards and Finance Report.  
  • Enable Export to Excel functionality in All Awards report.  


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