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Release Notes 20230310

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Overseas Award System Release Notes 202304310

Fiscal Strip Changes

  • A new popup is presented when entering or editing the fiscal strip. This will collect the fiscal strip in components instead of one long fiscal strip, allowing for uniformity in fiscal strips within OAS. 

    These components are not validated against fiscal data sources and none are required. If a value is entered in a field, only the length is validated. 
  • The Finance Report was updated to include the components of the fiscal strip in addition to the full strip. 
  • A Save button was added to the Pending Financial Analyst screen. When the fiscal strip is added or edited, the analyst will have the ability to Save without submitting to the FMO. This is especially beneficial in group nominations where different funding is needed.

Changes to Proxy

  • In the Mission Admin Area, the HRO now has the 'Assign Proxy Special' menu item. This allows the HRO to manage a proxy for the EXEC, no longer requiring the EXEC to log in and assign or remove the proxy themselves. When selecting the menu item, the screen below will appear. The EXEC should be entered in the first block and the proxy in the second block. 

  • The proxy user can now complete any task as the EXEC, including submission of a nomination.
  • When the proxy approves, the form will indicate that the approval was completed on behalf of EXEC. 

Additional New Features

  • When a cash award with a 0 cash value is approved by the JCAC, 'Finance and Send to OPS' is now bypassed.
  • Added a print icon to allow for printing of the nomination form in the following locations: My History, My Nominations, and HR Pending Review. 
  • New EXEC report now available in the Reports Area. This report is available to Local HR staff, HROs, the EXEC, and anyone defined as a proxy. It contains all nominations that are in the EXEC queue. When selecting the Export to Excel button, the full citation and justification will be included in the downloaded Excel. 
  • Added the ability for JCAC to save a comment with the voting options.
  • Added the Export to Excel option on the All Awards report.
  • In the Status History, JCAC changes to the nomination are recorded and displayed.

Bug Fixes

  • When the JCAC chair signed off on an award nomination, they received an email notification that a nomination was pending their action.   
  • The signature from the Mission Profile was not available when printing a certificate if the seal was not also uploaded to the Mission Profile. 
  • The JCAC chair was able to vote from the JCAC voting screen when they were not a member. 
  • From JCAC Voting, filtering on both the vote and award type is now possible. Additionally, after filtering, the app was hanging when expanding a nomination. 
  • The cycle was not displayed when opening a nomination from HR Ongoing.
  • HR was unable to sign-in on behalf of a user without an email address.
  • Rejection of External Approval was not functional.
  • Nomination was not appearing to the USDH supervisor if the nomination was returned to the nominator and additional nominees were added.
  • Citation was overwritten when the citation was hidden to the JCAC and the JCAC chair changed the nomination.
  • Nominations in Pending External Approval status did not appear in Ongoing. Also, nominations in this status were not always appearing in the Pending External Approval queue.
  • The JCAC End Date defaulted to 01/01/1970 when a new cycle was created.


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