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The ATLAS Housing Dashboard 

Once you authenticate your OKTA Account you will have access to the ATLAS Housing Dashboard, which features a general overview of Post's Housing Pool and Occupants. 


Dashboard Panels

Top Panel Navigation

Along the top panel of the dashboard, you will find the following :

  • Post(s) you have access to
  • Resident Portal icon, available to USDH/Occupants
  • Configuration icon, available to ADG employees
  • Profile icon, where you may customize your email preferences.

Left-Side Menu Navigation

  • Overview:  Dashboard information, My Assigned Tasks, Ad Hoc Search
  • Residences:  Housing Pool, In Commissioning, In Make Ready, In Decommissioning
  • Occupants:  All Occupants, Incoming Occupants, Outgoing Occupants, In Temporary Quarters, Recommendations
  • Inter Agency Housing Board:  Board Review, IAHB Members
  • Configuration:  Questionnaire Configuration, Custom Fields, Process Configuration, Manage Email Templates, Manage Local Settings, Schools, Inspection Types, Access Control, Help Requests, Map Configuration


ATLAS Housing Dashboard - Main Screen

In the Main Dashboard you will find a general overview of Post's housing.  This includes:

  • Open Tasks: Tasks assigned to Service Providers at Post; information displayed is dependant upon groups the Service Provider belongs to
  • Residence Overview: General Overview of the residences at Post
  • Open Process: Current Status of the Commissioning, Make Ready, and Decommissioning process of the residences at Post 
  • Upcoming Dates: Important dates that could affect the Housing Assignment process at Post. 
  • Assignment Workflow: Occupants' status within the Housing assignment process, overview of Housing Questionnaires ready to be submitted, in progress, ready for review, and ready for recommendations
  • IAHB Summary: Overview of completed housing recommendations and those already approved.

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For additional help, please contact ISC at Post or ADG Support by selecting the ‘Submit a request’ button at the top of the page or by emailing adg-support@state.gov.
Visit the Global Application Portal (GAP) for the latest news and information on all the ADG's applications.




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