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How to Process Housing Assignments

Target Users
Housing Administrators

Required Permissions
Residence Manager (min) 
  Questionnaire Manager 
Local Admin



Housing Assignment Process

Note: The Housing Questionnaire must be configured prior to this process. 


Below are the steps in the Housing Assignment Process:

The Housing Questionnaire

  • Configure the Housing Questionnaire
  • Send questionnaire to incoming Officer.
  • The incoming Officer completes the questionnaire sends it back to Post
  • Post's housing team reviews the questionnaire and approves it.

  • NOTE:
  • When an action is taken by Questionnaire Managers, such as questionnaire Assigned, Re-sent or Retruned the Incoming Occupant willl receieve an email notification.

  • When the Incoming Occupant submits the questionnaire, the Questionnaire Manager will receive an email notification to review the questionnaire. 


Housing Recommendations

  • Post's housing team can now Give Recommendations based on the questionnaire answers. It is important to highlight that ATLAS Housing works with algorithms and calculates the best options for the incoming Officer (available units, Officer position/rank, family size, questionnaire, etc.) 

  • ATLAS Housing will produce one to three recommendations based on the algorithm. 

  • Prepare recommendations for the Inter-Agency Housing Board (IAHB).
    • NOTE: You may Skip Questionnaire and Give Recommendations based on your expertise, house availability and other Post considerations.

Voting and Assigning

The Housing Board Organizer arranges a meeting for the Housing Board Members to assign a residence via the Direct Approval process or the Voting process for incoming USDH Officer(s).

The Housing Assignment Process -- With Images

After adding a new Occupant, go to Incoming Occupants  and select the Officer's name.  Click the ellipses (three dots) next to the name and select Send Questionnaire.  You will notice that the Officer's status is Ready for Questionnaire.

The incoming officer will have the opportunity to fill out the questionnaire and send it back to you and their status will have changed to Questionnaire in Progress


When the officer returns the questionnaire, you will be able to SAVE or APPROVE the Housing Questionnaire.  You may also choose to Send Back to Employee, in the event the officer submitted an incomplete questionnaire.

Once Approved, the status will change to Ready for Recommendations.   If necessary, enable Show Residences that Require Waiver.  This will display additional residence options outside the standard housing assignment allotments for a particular occupant.




Related Video:  Beginning the Housing Assignment Process


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