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HR Admin Dashboard 

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HR Admin Dashboard

HR Admins will have the Dashboard as their landing page when they log into LE Records. The dashboard can always be accessed using the menu and clicking on Dashboard.

  1. Total Number of Files- gives an overview of the total number of files for your Mission or Post (depending on the roles assigned to the HR Admin) and the number of newly added files .
  2. Total Number of Employees- is a running count of the number of employee profiles for your Mission or Post (depending on the HR Admin Role assigned to you will determine your view). You will also have a view of the total number of inactive (departed) employees for your Mission or Post.
  3. Average Files per Employee.
  4. Files per Mission will provide a breakdown of the percentage of files assigned to each Post within the Mission.
  5. Files per Post provides a comparison of the number of files uploaded per Post within the Mission.
  6. User Roles Change Log tracks each instance a user role is assigned.


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