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How to Archive Employee Records

Human Resources is responsible for maintaining the disposition of hard-copy and electronic files according to the Office of Records Management. Temporary records have a disposition schedule to be destroyed by shredding or burning, while permanent records are sent to the Department for storage. When an LE Staff member is no longer employed by the Mission, the paper file should be sent back to the A/GIS/IPS/RA-RSC for archiving. Electronic files will be archived.

LE Records will identify employee profiles which are ready to be archived based on the OPS data feed. You can view the employees who departed their employment in one list.

From the left menu, click Employees. Next click on the toggle button next to Active to remove the current employees. Then click on the toggle button next to Departed, this will generate a list of all employees which have departed their position.

Click on the box next to each folder you want to archive then click Retire Employee.

Next a list of all employee files will be displayed, review the list for accuracy and then click Submit Files and Retire. Once you submit the records will be uploaded to e-Records for disposition. To access the files after they have been submitted to e-Records, you will need to contact them for guidance.

NOTE: At this time the Archive function has not yet been enabled for production. ADG will enable this feature once we move past the pilot phase.


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