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Release Notes 20220621

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Overseas Award System Release Notes 20220621


Category Title
Anytime actions Save and Submit buttons missing for anytime approver
Email Notifications Email: Add notification function to Nominator when nomination is edited.
EXEC actions EXEC- Ability to change award type, form of recognition, and amount
Finance actions Allow Finance to assign the same Fund Cite to multiple nominations
Finance actions From Finance Sign Off, add fiscal strips for each employee for FMO review
HR actions Allow roles HR Coordinator and HRO to edit award type, form of recognition and amount
HR actions Allow HR ability to remove ineligible employee from group nomination -Fail to Archive Disapproved Nomination
HR actions Corrected FiscalStrip Error When Sending to OPS
HR actions Corrected inability to Edit Cycle
HR actions Improve error message for errors received when sending data to OPS
Nomination Auto-save implementation for justification and citation
Nomination Award Type: Mission Time-off Award - Cash award no longer an option
Nomination Approved Form - remove null if EXEC and finance signatures are not needed
Nominator Disable the Show History and Comments link for the nominator in My Nominations
Reports Limit report view for JCAC
Reports Finance Report - Add a filter for date range, nominator agency, and correct cycle filter
Reports Add export to .xls, citation, and USDH approver to Reports - Certificates
Settings From Cycle Settings, a new link is added for Award Types
Settings Resolved errors when saving Mission Profile updates
Settings Only allow assignment of USDH Supervisor from Manage Employees 
Settings Add ability to transfer USDH to another Mission/Post
Settings Assigned roles are not updated


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