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Release Notes 20220629

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Overseas Award System Release Notes 20220629


Category Description
HR tools Allow HR and HRO to see JCAC Chair screen (read-only access)
HR tools Allow Transfer of USDH from OAS (the updated post information is sent to GoMBC)
HR tools Allow HR ability to remove ineligible employee from group nomination
JCAC Sign Off Corrected bug: JCAC Sign Off Menu Not Showing for JCAC Chair
Reports Corrected Bug: Finance Report - Cycle filter not funcitoning
Nomination Form Corrected Bug: when sent for re-write form of recognition is automatically changed to hours
JCAC Sign Off Allow the role JCAC Chair to edit award type, form of recognition and amount. Award returned to JCAC Voting
Nomination Form Create an Agency and Section Validator on New Nomination - values must be added by HR before nomination submitted
Financial Analyst Corrected Bug: Timeoff Award allows Funding strip.
Finance Sign Off Finance Sign Off Modified to list all employees and associated funding strips
HR Tools Unable to edit USDH Supervisor from Edit Employee
Nomination Details More Details modal shows incomplete information
HR Tools Improvement - show a message that the Cycle is in the past and cannot be edited


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