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Release Notes 20220611

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Overseas Award System Release Notes 20220611


Category Description
Reports Remove reports for JCAC Voters and JCAC Chair
HR Tools Open USDH Supervisor Assignment - Allow for global assigment to support regional supervisors
Nomination Rewrite Make comment mandatory when a nomination is returned for re-write (for both USDH and HR)
HR Tools Implement "Delete USDH from OAS" in cooperation with GoMBC
FMO Sign Off Corrected bug when FMO signed off (an error was given, but sign off was still accepted)
EXEC routing Updated routing so nominations of zero dollars or zero hours are sent to Exec for approval
HR Tools Add Export to .xls for HR from JCAC/Sign Off, which gives overall vote count
HR Tools Force HR to put a Post abbreviation - check is made when nomination in HR Pending Review is sent to the next status
Nomination Rewrite Corrected Bug: when sent for re-write form of recognition is automatically changed to hours
Nomination Form Added approved by supervisor on nomination form (useful in the case the supervisor has changed)


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