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Housing Assignment Statuses

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Housing Assignment Statuses

There are several statuses, or stages, the Occupant goes through to complete the Housing Assignment process below:



  • Ready for Questionnaire: Incoming Officer is ready to fill out the Housing Questionnaire
  • Questionnaire in Progress: Incoming Officer is currently working on his/her Housing Questionnaire
  • Ready for Review: Incoming Officer completed and submitted the Housing Questionnaire to Post's Housing Team for review
  • Ready for Recommendations: Housing Questionnaire has been approved by GSO's Housing Team. Housing Team members will give recommendations to the IAHB for Occupant's Housing assignment based on the answers provided by the incoming officer on the Housing Questionnaire
  • Ready to Submit to IAHB: Recommendations provided by Housing Team are ready to be submitted to the IAHB 
  • Under Review by IAHB: The IAHB is reviewing the recommendations provided by GSO's Housing Team to make a Housing Assignment 
  • Ready for Assignment: The IAHB has made a decision and GSO's Housing Team must make it official within ATLAS Housing 
  • Assigned to a Residence: Incoming Officer has been officially assigned a residence



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