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Delegated User Role 

ATLAS Housing is pleased to offer a great new feature that allows access for Eligible Family Members (EFMs) and assigned embassy colleagues to the Occupant's Resident Portal.

Description and General Information

  • Delegated User is any Eligible Family Member (EFM) and/or another embassy colleague who has been given the approval to manage the Occupant's Resident Portal.

  • Access will be provided to accounts, other agency, and personal email accounts. 

  • An OKTA account will be automatically created once the Delegated User role has been assigned and approved. 

  • EFMs and other embassy colleagues will be able to perform the following actions with the Delegated User role: complete and submit the Housing Questionnaire, view Housing Assignment details such as photos, floor plans, and location on the map as well as upload and download attachments. 

How Does It Work?

Current Occupants in ATLAS Housing will be able to add a "Delegated User" of their preference as follow:

  • Access the Resident Portal, click on the right top corner of the screen on your name, where a second window will pop up with the option Delegated Users.

In the Delegated User window, you will have three options, please see image below

1. Delegate Household Member:

This is an EFM included on the Occupant's official orders

  • EFM's with personal email accounts selected as Delegated Users need to be approved by a Local Admin at Post.
  • Once approved, they will receive an automated email with instructions on how to activate their OKTA account.
  • Only after these steps are completed, the selected EFM will have access to the Resident Portal

2. Delegate Existing User:

There are two options under this category.

  • A USDH that is already in Atlas Housing as an Occupant, for example, the Political Section's Office Management Specialist (OMS) that will be taking care of the Resident Portal for the Political Chief.
  • An Admin Assistant (LE Staff) that will take care of the General Services Officer Resident Portal

Important to Note:

  • Local employee staff should not be added to Atlas Housing as Occupants
  • Once the Occupant selects a Local Employee Staff as Delegated User, she/he will have access to the Resident Portal after authenticating his/her OKTA account through the email

 3. Act as Delegate:

  •  This will give Delegated Users access to the Occupant's Resident Portal.

Adding Delegated Users to the Resident Portal

Adding a Household Member

Occupants may add their EFMs using a personal email account as follow: 

  • Click on the "Delegate Household Member" option.
  • A new window will pop up where you will be able to select your Household member.
  • Personal email accounts will need to be approved by a Local Administrator at Post.

Please note:  if the Occupant is coming from another Post that was using ATLAS Housing and his/her spouse already had access to the Resident Portal you may use both options: Delegate a Household Member or an Existing user.

Please see image below:

For Local Administrators: 

  • From the Configuration Menu, scroll down to " Pending Delegated Users" and approve the request. 
  • After this is approved, OKTA will send an automated message notifying the EFM of the account activation. The EFM will be provided with the steps to follow and complete the activation.
  • To follow the steps to activate an EFMs Okta account with a personal email account, please click here

Please see image below:

Now the account is under "Active" status.

Adding Existing Users

  • USDH must click on "Delegated Exiting User" option.
  • Search the existing user through his/her email address.
  • Click on the arrow next to her/his name.
  • And will be automatically added to the list of the Delegates users, no need Local admin approval.

Please note in this example, the Occupant has two active delegated users, one household member, and one existing user account

See image below:

Act as Delegate:

Once the Delegated User has access to the Resident Portal, via, they must follow the instructions below:

  • Authenticate her/his account Okta account.
  • Click on the "Delegate Users" option available when clicking on the name in the top right corner of the screen.

  • Click on "Act as Delegate "and a list of the Delegated Users roles assigned will pop-up.

  • Click on the arrow next to the name of the person that you want to impersonate in order to have access to her/his Resident Portal.

Delegated Users Role Best Practices:

  • Occupants may assign their EFMs and embassy colleagues based on their needs

  • Occupants will have the option to add one or more delegated users but we do not recommend having too many people working in the Resident Portal to avoid delays in the Housing Assignment process.

EFMs and embassy colleagues will be able to perform the following actions with the Delegated User role:

  • Complete and submit the Housing Questionnaire

  • View submitted Housing Questionnaire

  • View Housing Assignment details such as photos, floor plans, location in the map and any other information that has been added to the Housing Profile for the assigned residence

  • Upload and download attachments.



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