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Housing Questionnaire Configuration

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Housing Admin

Required Permissions
Residence Manager
Local Admin


Configuration Menu - Questionnaire Configuration

In the Questionnaire Configuration Section, you will find two options:

  • Configuration (in blue) 
  • Preview

On the Configuration page you will be able to add the following information:

Preliminary Instructions:  This can be a "Welcome to Post" message with specific instructions or general information.

Attachments: Y ou can add any information related to your Post; a few examples are:

  • Neighborhood descriptions
  • Housing Handbook
  • Furniture description

You will also be able to add instructions for Schools, Household Members, Pets, and vehicles, please see the image below:

Adding Customs Fields and Preferences 

  • Customs Fields can be added by clicking on Add Preference.
  • A blank space will be available at the bottom of the list after this action.
  • In order to select an option, click on the dropdown and all Custom fields previously configured will be available for selection.
  • The star icon next to the Custom Field gives Post the opportunity to order and prioritize the preference by dragging it up or down the list.
  • You can always return to the Customs Fields section to add more if needed.

Once you are happy with the Configuration of the Housing Questionnaire you can preview and publish it.

A warning message will pop up for your consideration, please see below:

Housing Questionnaire Publishing options:

  • Publish:  Applicable for new Housing Questionnaires ready to be completed by your Incoming Officers
  •   Publish for In-Progress:  This is applicable for Housing Questionnaires already sent to Incoming Officers. This happens when you have performed changes to the questions and requests originally published and you would like for your Officer to reply to these new questions in order to assist them better in their transition to Post even though she/she already started the completion of the Housing Questionnaire.


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