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Release notes V1.10.3

Target Users
Local administrators
Service Providers

Required Permissions
Local Admin Permissions 



Bug Fixes

Assigned Tasks:

  • E-mail notifications have been fixed

E-mail notifications to service providers when tasks are assigned have been restored.

Task Assigned Notifications should be sent out when:

  • A Task is created and assigned to a Service Provider Group, for example: Process Creation
  • A Task Assigned Group or member is changed or edited.

"View" of Assigned Tasks to Service Providers Groups have been restored

Overview Menu- My Assigned Tasks: Service Providers will be able to see their "Assigned Tasks"

E-mail Notifications updates

  • New Email notification enabled: USDH assigned to a new Post:

E-mail notifications of new Assigned Posts to USDH can be enabled or disabled 

Local administrators, Occupant Manager and Occupant reader role will receive an email notification whenever an Incoming Officer is assigned to a new post (this includes previous and gaining Post)

This will happen when a new occupant is manually added and through the RPA import/export process of current occupants.

  • Housing Assignment email notification:

Email notification will be sent to anyone with: Occupant Manager, Occupant reader and local administrator role including the incoming officer.

Updates include:

When an assignment is done through " Directly Assign" and through the History Assignment page of each residence

Incoming Officer will receive a link to the Resident Portal

Local Administrators will receive a link to the Occupant's Assignment in the Local Dashboard

  • Residence's ID numbers will be reflected on email notifications related to Processes

(Commissioning, Make Ready and Decommissioning Process)

RPA ID, Unit ID, OBO Number and Local IDs will be reflected on email notifications when:

  • Process Start
  • Process Complete
  • Task Notifications

In order to enable this, service providers must configure it through Manage Email Templates from the Configuration Menu. Please see image below:

Local administrators must modify email templates to include the following (case sensitive) in order to reflect this data in the Processes e-mail template


Make Ready Updates

  • Key Dates disabled

Make ready editions on key dates won't affect Assignment Start/End date nor Move-in / Move-out dates of Occupants

  • Make Ready can be initiated through "Occupant History Link"
    When a Make Ready is skipped or completed by mistake, you will be able to start it through the Occupant History page
  • You will find two options: View Make Ready- Reopen and Start Make Ready. Please see image below

For additional help, please contact ISC at Post or ADG Support by selecting the ‘Submit a request’ button at the top of the page or by emailing
Visit the Global Application Portal (GAP) for the latest news and information on all the ADG's applications.


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