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Housing Questionnaire Improvements

Residence's Profile Improvements

Target Users
Local administrators

Required Permissions
Local Administrators



Housing Questionnaire Position Information

Occupants or USDH will be able to see their name, position title, position number and rank when receiving the Housing Questionnaire, these fields will be grayed out.

Only local administrators can edit the fields referenced above, even after the Housing Questionnaire has been approved. This restriction is designed to avoid unnecessary changes or mistakes from the occupant’s side.

 Please see image below.


Departed Occupants attachments improvements

Local administrators will be able to see attachments for all occupants that have been assigned to a specific property. There are two ways to access to this:

Option 1: Click Housing Pool menu, search the name of the residence where this person lives or used to live, click it and access to its profile, click attachments and you will be able to see it.



Option 2: Click Departed Occupants, find the name of the departed occupant you are looking for, click his name, it will take you to their profile and you will be able to see the name of the property that was assigned, click the name of the residence and finally click attachments.



Unit ID has been added to properties dropdowns

Temporary Quarter selection will allow local administrators the ability to see the Unit ID to properly identify the selected preference

Occupant’s profile: Scroll down to Residence History, click on “Add TQ”, select the residence type and all the available residences for TQ with its Unit ID will show up for your selection.


Atlas Housing Team

Application Development Group (ADG)


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