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Access to Atlas Housing

I am new at Post, and I need access to Atlas Housing; What should I do?

Please contact your Local administrators at Post, usually GSO- Housing Team members who can grant access to the system.

Why can’t I access to the Resident Portal if I am a local administrator at Post?

Local Administrators do not have access to the Resident Portal

Resident Portal was designed for USDH/ Officers only.

Local Administrators may use the “Impersonate” option available of Occupant’s profile to see what they see, in order to use this functionality please check the article below:

Resident Portal Impersonation (For Local Admin)


Resident Portal

Are USDH able to see two different assignments in the Resident Portal?

The Resident Portal is currently set to display one Residence only based on the arrival and departure date of the USDH. It'll display Residences that are:

  • Occupancy period not completed.
  • Occupancy period nearest to “End Date”

Note: If you have two assignments for one person, a Temporary Quarter and Official Assignment and the occupancy period covers both dates, the system will display the one is nearest to the End date of occupancy

 When I am impersonating an occupant, the site didn't show the residence's location on map. How do I do that?

 Maps will pop up as long as the address coming from RPA is correct. Please remember that we export/import the Housing Pool directly from RPA and the system will read and display the map if the information is correct.


Processes Configuration (Commissioning, Make Ready and Decommissioning)

Are Events created automatically? Also, Key Date is it referring to the keys being returned from departing officer or to keys delivered to incoming officer?

  • Processes Configuration is available in Atlas Housing through Configuration Menu.
  • Services Providers will be able to create their own tasks, events and key dates based on Post’s needs and particular steps to follow
  • Events and Key dates are important dates for your Post, a few examples are: Final Inspection, WIFI Installation, Walk through with the Social Sponsor etc.

For more information about Processes Configuration, please visit the link below:

Processes Configuration in Atlas Housing

Housing Assignment 

It is mandatory to make the Housing Assignment based on the Housing Questionnaire responses?

 It is not mandatory as we understand there may be different situations at Post where you already have the Housing Questionnaire responses from other sources. However, Atlas Housing goal is to expedite the Housing Assignment process through the algorithm that calculates the best match for your incoming officers based on their Housing Questionnaire responses.

 Here is an article explaining four (4) different ways to make a Housing Assignment depending on different situations.

Housing Assignment: Four (4) ways to make it official.


Housing Questionnaire

How to access and share the questionnaire responses and user attachments within our MGT section?

You have the ability to access to the Occupant's profile with the Local Admin role and download the Housing Questionnaire responses in a PDF file and share with your MGT section or you can provide Residence Viewer permissions to specific users.


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